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Build Your Courage in 2018

How courageous will you be during this coming year?  Will you decide to take care of yourself from the inside out?  Why not explore the change you wish to become?  I found this quoted prayer on Oprah’s site as referenced from the book, “Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way;” Sonia Choquette, author. If the below resonates with you, begin to seek courage in 2018.  Seek counseling or therapy to help you get there. 

“I humbly ask for the healing power of your grace to help me quit pretending that the life I have settled for is the one I want. Grant me the courage to be the person I long to be and make the changes I need in order to be happy. Please send in your angels to help me stop running from my fears and turn around and face them. Guide me to live a life of my dreams, even if I am afraid to step in that direction at the moment. I thank you in advance, with my whole heart and soul, for answering my prayer, and I confidently await these blessings. 

Amen and with infinite gratitude.”

Need to talk? Give yourself the gift of therapy; you are worth it.  Give me a call at 240.292.6127 and begin your journey!

In humble service,


Laurieann Frazier-Duarte, LCSW-C
Clinical Therapist



References: Oprah.com; Choquette, Sonia (2017); “Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way”



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