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A Look At Inspiration . . .

Note:  I thought it appropriate to share how we can become inspired individuals who contribute to fundamental change in the world today.  Here it goes . . . .

Laurieann Frazier-Duarte, LCSW-C 
October 2020 

When this is over, we will be revived souls who continue to crave the unique bondedness demonstrated only in human connection. 

When this is over, we will have a newfound focus on humanness, giftedness, and leadership.
When this is over, we will be more emboldened to take on the challenges in this world and contribute to making it better; not harder. 

When this is over, we will reflect on those lives we lost and give thanks for how they contributed to this world, while also remembering that their lives and transitions were not in vain. 

When this is over, we will appreciate the importance of health to the degree that we must fight for it when necessary; both on an individual and collective basis. 

When this is over, we will understand the importance of genuine communication that leads to building and connecting; not separating and suppressing. 

When this is over, we will desire a deeper awareness and understanding of human behaviors that are different than our own; not desire to dehumanize and judge them. 

When this is over, we will be proud to be a part of the human race while boldly stating that, “All men are created equal and united in wanting better and more. That we ALL want to heal from a history that we can now see as a foundation leading towards building bridges, not walls; increased awareness of acceptance; not separation.” 

Because . . . at the end of the day, when the sun sets and when it rises, we are all in this together!  Let’s be better and become emboldened to build.  Our journey will forever continue.  Be well and make it a good day.   

The Author was inspired to write this poem following the casting of her vote, October 2020, for the 2020 General Election. 

Copyright 2020, Laurieann Duarte

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