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Self-exploration is key when it comes to to finding ways to change how we behave, think, and feel about ourselves.  In addition to coaching, finding the right tools to supplement our motivational change is one of greatest benefits and gifts we can give to ourselves.  Consider tools for the following: 

Better ways to manage your time. 
Developing clarity around the prioritization of tasks.
Increasing your focus and developing a new awareness around managing distractions.

Increasing your sense of calm and serenity.

Explore the resources below to help you get on your way . . . .


Acquiring materials that assist with your focus on increasing confidence, discipline, motivation, positivity, or health can be beneficial.  I recommend taking a look at these MP3s and CDs as a valuable resource at RealSubliminal.  You are likely to find a resource suitable to you and a great supplement to any coaching or counseling work.


Taking time to focus on yourself is as significant as breathing, eating, and seeing.  Improving and understanding who you are in your environment provide a sense of assuredness, confidence, and stability.  You often get distracted by life's callings, however.  You look around and wonder "how did I get here and when did I leave myself behind?"  The good news is that it's never too late to get back to you.  Taking the time to utilize tools of self-improvement can assist with bringing you back to center.  

Develop more focus and clarity with your daily agenda.  Utilize the use of planners to provide the capacity and space to intentionally identify what requires your attention and when. These  Day Designer planners are an excellent tool to start.  Begin developing a way to strategize your day, journal your thoughts, and increase your sense of self-awareness. 

How about increasing your sense of calm and positive mood?  Loftie provides smart clocks that include mood lighting, awesome music, meditations, and bedtime stories, playable right from the device.

Also for rest are options for all the white noise and nature sounds you could dream of, with the gentle nightlight included should you need it. There's a two-phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process and features refreshingly non-alarming alarm sounds.  When affected by seasonal change, this product is a great aid and assistant to managing your mood.   

Disclaimer: My company serves as an affiliate with products that I recommend.

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