Couples Quiz


Do you still have a love connection? 

Take this quick assessment to review your level of compatibility, intimacy, and understanding in your relationship.

  1.  We spend time together.
    1. We spend time together a few times weekly.
    2. We spend time together a few times monthly.
    3. We spend time together once a month or less.  
  2. We enjoy our time spent together.
    1. We always enjoy our time spent together.
    2. We sometimes enjoy our time together.
    3. We experience conflict more often than enjoyment during our time spent together.  
  3. We share values and compatibilities (children and family, religion, jobs, friends, budget and finances, home, chores, etc.).
    1. We are clear about and share values, and are like-minded in areas of our lives.
    2. We disagree about some values and think very differently about areas of our lives.
    3. We have different values and often argue and disagree about areas of our lives.  
  4. We manage our differences and resolve conflicts.
    1. We always verbalize our concerns and negotiate matters, when necessary.
    2. We sometimes verbalize our concerns, and sometimes negotiate.
    3. We often argue about our concerns and rarely resolve them.  
  5. We express our individual desires with one another.
    1. We always feel comfortable and safe discussing our individual desires with one another.
    2. We sometimes feel comfortable.
    3. We never feel comfortable.  
  6. We are committed to increasing our level of intimacy.
    1. We are always conscious or our need for intimacy in our lives.
    2. We sometimes focus on intimacy, and notice that it has decreased over time.
    3. Intimacy is no longer a focus in our lives.

Now add up the number of A, B, and C responses according to the measure below to help you reflect on your level of connection:


# of A responses:____ x5 = ___

# of B responses:____ x4 = ___

# of C responses:____ x3 = ___  

Total: = ___


27 - 30:  You are conscientious of being compatible, and demonstrate your need to be open and close.  

22 - 26:  You are conscientious and motivated to remain connected, but can also benefit from learning new ways to feel comfortable and connected in your relationship.  Consider therapy to do so.   

18 - 21:  Learning how to develop new behaviors to assist you with reigniting your relationship should be your top priority at this point. 

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