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Taking Time to Change You 

Are you ready for some S.O.U.L Training© ? Consider the following:

  1. Surrendering. Surrendering to today by letting go of the chaos that develops from struggling with events (and persons) that you cannot change. Let it go!
  2. Openness. Become open to something new. Seek the positive; begin to see your situations in a different light. How can they be helpful; not hurtful? What is the required change that needs to occur?
  3. Understanding. Understand that you are certainly worthy of not only peace, serenity, and love, but also of becoming masterful at your purpose. You deserve the positivity that you seek. Now that you know and have surrendered to what it is that you cannot change, seek the things that you can change and deserve.
  4. Learning. Just as the season of Spring brings the renewal of nature, you can acquire the renewal of self-perspective! Begin to see yourself from a new perspective. Become aware of what this is - - seek and you shall find; pursue and you will achieve.

Take the time for a little S.O.U.L training ©  - - you deserve it. Commit to this exploration by subscribing to coaching or psychotherapy. Give me a call at 240.292.6127 to begin your journey.

Be well,


Laurieann Frazier-Duarte, LCSW-C
Clinical Therapist


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