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I've included several ways to contact me. Please give me a call, send an email, or simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. I look forward to speaking with you.

Phone:            240.292.6127
Email:             [email protected]  (please do not leave any personally-identifiable information via email)
Bs. Address:   5056 Nicholson Lane, STE B, P.O. Box 2475, Rockville, MD 20891
                      We service the state of Maryland (counseling); and the United States (Coaching only)

What I do:  As your clinical therapist, I will facilitate your developing the necessary skills that enable you to remove the barriers preventing you from having a happy and prosperous lifestyle.   Together, we will create lifestyle change that satisfies your current needs and wants as you see fit.

How do I do this:  While intently listening to your story involving your life concerns and desires, I will promote your development of healthy exploration of current barriers and new skill-building to change and create a new lifestyle that provides an inspirational and meaningful purpose for you as you so desire.  As such, I offer you a chance to define your newfound hope and opportunity.

 Invest in yourself:    Invest in your emotional healing today.  You are capable and worthy of this!  Create healthy change for yourself in a confidential, healthy, safe and warm environment. No judgment, only encouragement.  Give therapy a try.

Begin to be well,


Laurieann Frazier-Duarte, LCSW-C


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