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Are you an adult who is- -

  • Ready to confront and manage your challenges with anger, anxiety, depression, stress or worry? 
  • Seeking to improve your communication and level of distress in marital or relationship concerns?
  • Desiring to add a new purpose to your life or lifestyle?
  • Desiring an increase in your level of self-confidence and empowerment?

With the desire to put forth an effort to do the work, I believe you can.  During individual therapy, discover what actually causes you to feel alone, angry, irritable, isolated, lonely, sad, stressed, worried, or unhappy. Explore where this stems from and begin to understand how to get through and beyond it. Decide today to change for the better; decide today to take care of you.

Give me a call and let’s discuss how you can begin!  I service adult men and women (individuals and couples).  I also accept insurance as an out-of-network provider and private pay.

See the contact information available on my "contact me" page.

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